❗EDIT on 4/10/2023: Cinnamon has been found and is safe and sound back at home!!! Thank you to anyone who helped us out in searching for him over the past week!!!

Cinnamon is missing!!!

Cinnamon sitting nicely on a chair.

Cinnamon sitting nicely on a chair.

Having gotten out of the house late on April 4th or perhaps the wee early morning hours of April 5th, Cinnamon hasn’t been seen since. We’ve made posts on local social media pages, set food and his litter outside to try and lure him back, walked and driven around the neighborhood, and looked under the porch, the house, and the deck in the backyard. We’ve searched our garage and the storage shed and there’s no sign of him anywhere. It’s especially concerning since it stormed fairly heavily for a while during the morning of April 5th as well while he was gone. So at this point, I’m either convinced that he’s hiding out somewhere, completely terrified, or someone has taken him into their own home.

During one search, we believed we found and caught him and that he was home safe again. There was another floofy orange cat that looked exactly like him roaming the area and we were able to bring him back to the house. After a while though, the cat started crying, in a voice that didn’t sound much like Cinnamon, and also seemed to have some different physical characteristics as well. The following morning, we got him to the local animal shelter to scan for a microchip to determine whether or not it was actually him. It turned out that it wasn’t Cinnamon. This cat’s name was actually Max, and his family was able to find and reunite with him at the shelter not long after we dropped him off. So at least part of this story has a happy ending — but it also means that our own Cinnamon is still M.I.A.

The fact that we found Max, a cat that looked almost identical to Cinnamon, isn’t a surprise. If you recall, Cinnamon was actually born from a feral cat my sister and brother-in-law nicknamed Karen (due to how mean she was to their own animals) in this area and they brought Cinnamon to us as a gift when we still lived in Indiana. The fact that Cinnamon could have a bunch of siblings roaming this town is not out of the question. In fact, Karen was pregnant again soon after giving birth to Cinnamon’s litter back in 2021, so it might even be probable that his kin are in the area. Max is likely just one of them. And as interesting as all this feline lineage may be, it also means that the probable existence of doppelgängers is going to make finding our actual Cinnamon that much harder.

The reach of this blog isn’t very far, and even those that do read it are folks that I knew back in Indiana, so there’s a slim chance that anyone reading will be able to assist much. But if you do happen to be in Southeast Kansas, particularly the Independence area, please keep an eye out for my orange boy and take him to AWOL Humane Society if you think you’ve managed to get ahold of him. He’s microchipped, so they should be able to scan it and contact us if it’s him.

He’s always been a little bit of a turd, but he’s our turd and we love and miss him very much. The possibility of never seeing him again has been extremely stressful and upsetting to both me and the rest of the family the last few days. I just want him to be home safe. That’s my biggest wish going out into the universe right now.

Until next time…

❗EDIT on 4/10/2023: Cinnamon has been found and is safe and sound back at home!!! Thank you to anyone who helped us out in searching for him over the past week!!!

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