I’ve finally registered for classes that start this fall!

University of Kansas Logo & Mascot! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

University of Kansas Logo & Mascot! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Back in December, when I finished the fall 2022 semester at Ivy Tech Community College back in Indiana, I already knew that our big move to Kansas was coming up, so I took the spring semester off and took the time instead to apply at the University of Kansas! It was kind of a big deal! Ivy Tech is the only place I had taken courses at since I graduated from high school in 2003 and it was a “community college,” which is still amazing and all, but you know… admission there was pretty much all but guaranteed. With KU however, they could have denied my admission, rejected my transfer credits, or a whole host of other issues. Not to mention I had to pay a fee to actually apply to KU. Needless to say, it’s a real damn college, y’all! Taking into account that I got in and that they did accept most of my credits (the only three classes they rejected for some reason had to do with the original software development program that I had switched from, so I’m guessing maybe they didn’t want those included?) from Ivy Tech was astounding. They also offered me a transfer scholarship for my first year! To say that I am STOKED is maybe the understatement of the year! I’ll be going part-time again, but beginning this fall, I’ll be enrolled in two classes: Intro to Western Art History and Speaker-Audience Communication.

Intro to Western Art History doesn’t sound too awful, but Speaker-Audience Communication has me a little intimidated. It sounds an awful lot like a speech class and I’m completely terrible at public speaking. I guess that’s sort of the point of the class though — to build and improve on that throughout the course. With the exception of perhaps Western Art History as well, neither of these classes seem to build much upon what I was learning toward the end of my time at Ivy Tech, which was more focused on things like digital content creation with Photography and Raster Graphics, but hopefully, more classes like that will be coming down the pipeline eventually. Though I’ll be taking classes online primarily since I live a couple hours away from Lawrence, KS, where KU is located, I’m hoping to eventually get some opportunities to visit the actual campus eventually. It looks really nice there and maybe it wouldn’t hurt for me to have some actual exposure to my fellow students… Even though, as I learned from my time at Ivy Tech, most of them are ten years (or more!) younger than me now.

I guess that’s what happens when you go back to school when you’re older!

In other news, in case you weren’t able to check my previous post for revisions, we were able to find and secure Cinnamon, thank goodness. He was missing for about a week, but he finally came home — with a girlfriend, no less! My brother was the one to find him outside and when he did, he was accompanied by a large calico girl who was also on the loose. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to snag both Cinnamon and the calico, so she may still be living outside for the time being, but if we see her again, hopefully, we’ll be able to at least get her to a shelter so she can find her home again. I’m really appreciative to everyone who helped search for him or gave me comfort and encouragement during the week he was gone. The feeling of losing what is, to me, one of my children, was one of the worst feelings in the world and one that I don’t hope to feel again for a very, very long time.

After the incident with Instagram suspending my original account without any explanation whatsoever. My first reaction was to relent and just not be a part of the platform anymore. But after a while, I realized that I actually kind of enjoy Instagram and being in the loop with my friends and their photos and videos that don’t always get posted to Facebook or Twitter. So I’ve given in and created a new account so come follow me! It is the ONLY platform in which my username has an underscore! I’m jiggyflyjoe literally everywhere else! Don’t forget because in some instances (for example: Twitter slowly descending into Elon Musk’s personal digital hellscape) people will try to impersonate other people in an effort to gain their trust and ask for things like money or access to accounts. Always always always be careful on these here interwebz! But seriously, come follow my new Instagram account! Hopefully, this one won’t get suspended for no reason!

Lastly, I’ll finally be returning to live-streaming soon! Beginning Saturday, May 6th, I’ll be back on that Twitch grind! It’ll be the first stream since our move to Kansas, so I’m very excited to be live from a new location! For those of you who have never joined one of my streams, we hang out for a few hours and play things like Dead by DaylightFall GuysWorld of Warcraft, horror games, indie games, cozy games, and everything in between! Sometimes we just hang out and chat too! I’d love to see any and everyone join in the fun, so be sure to follow me on Twitch if you haven’t already, and stay tuned a week from now for my grand return!

Until next time…

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