About a month ago, I decided to start blogging again. Mostly personal blogs, but I was sure that I would write about things happening in the spaces that I was interested in as well. I made the mistake of starting said blog on Blogger though. As a seasoned WordPress user, I should have known better. Blogger, while perfectly fine for a novice user, is very restrictive when it comes to themes and plugins and everything else one might need WordPress for instead. Seeing as Blogger is now owned by the great and almighty Google, you would think they would have superpowered the service by now, but alas — it somehow still sits as it was decades ago.

A sad and cautionary tale.

So while I wanted to stay simple with this blog, I decided to go ahead and get the domain and do the WordPress. So here we are. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get things transferred over from the Blogger site either, so we’re starting from scratch. Which is also fine, since I was only like four entries deep into that site anyway. We aren’t really losing a whole lot. If you’re really that interested though, you can deep dive into those four entries on the original page. I don’t want it to go anywhere just yet. You know, for archival purposes or something. But also know that you can find new updates here and not there.

That being said, WordPress has changed considerably since the last time I used it regularly, so if you see anything looking kinda funky, feel free to let me know so I can fix it. Cool? Cool.

Until next time…

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