Did you know I had a podcast?

We produced exactly five episodes of a podcast called The Jiggawatt with Jiggyflyjoe that you can still listen to here and on other popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and a bunch of other podcast-specific listening apps. The podcast was mostly me and my sister — who served as my co-host for all five episodes — and my nephew in one episode as our resident Star Trek expert, just sitting down and chatting about media we had recently consumed and were dying to talk about anyway. Three of the five episodes wound up being about Marvel properties, so all things considered, we probably should have just chalked ourselves up to being a Marvel Cinematic Universe-centered podcast and made it our niche. After we recorded, edited, and released the final episode about Black Widow, I decided to delay the next episode. By the time August rolls around, The Jiggawatt‘s hiatus will have reached two years. At this point, the podcast is pretty much deceased.

The Jiggawatt with Jiggyflyjoe Cover Art

The Jiggawatt with Jiggyflyjoe Cover Art

Which is honestly too bad, because recording and releasing the podcast is actually a lot of fun. Finding the time, organizing our thoughts, and then actually publishing each episode wasn’t a problem at all. Editing the sucker was the biggest problem for me. While working a full-time job and trying to find time to do other things with my life as well made it difficult for me to find hours on end to listen back to our raw audio and edit out parts that maybe didn’t just make sense out loud after all, but also all the parts where we said “um,” we paused for too long in our thoughts, we coughed or sneezed too loud, etc. If I thought our raw, unfiltered audio was all good without the refinement, it would probably have been a different story, but the editing process took a lot out of me. It took so much out of me that after just five episodes, I didn’t want to do it anymore. I just didn’t have the time or the motivation to keep going, especially when our metrics indicated that only maybe a handful of people were listening to each episode anyway.

There were so few people listening, in fact, that when my sister recorded advertising segments for the podcasting service we were using at the time, it managed to net us a whopping 18 cents in ad revenue! 🤣

All that being said, I still sometimes think about resurrecting The Jiggawatt. Or maybe another podcast? The format where we just chat and review media is a little stale, so another podcast might be better. I know that MissFiasco (my sister’s online persona, in case you didn’t click her link above) has mentioned podcasting again a few times as well. Maybe she could spin-off and I could be a guest on her podcast instead? Now that we’re living in the same area, it would make more sense logistically speaking. With the exception of the arduous editing process, the podcasting world is a fascinating scene to be involved in and one that I would love to be a part of again. I just gotta find that lightning in a bottle first and really get to talking about something that strikes people’s interests. In the meantime, if you have a podcast and you’re looking for guests (or even if you’re not, I’d love to listen to it), feel free to reach out!

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